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Real Estate Experts in Howard County with over 44 years of combined experience and many honors and recognition, Sue Wettstein Brazzel & Dipper Wettstein listen carefully to your specific real estate goals and tailor their services to meet your objectives.

Sue and Dipper (Mother and Son partners) always treat their clients as though they are family and promise "fast, efficient, hassel-free service!" They love providing Sellers and Buyers with the information and tools they need for their real estate journeys.

"…Sue’s willingness to help out as much as possible, even in a county that was not your own.  Sue went out further beyond the call of duty then was ever expected.  We love her style and friendly approach!”

Mike and Erika Westover
"…personal service, attention to detail, efficiency!”
Trish and Larry Stokes
"…very sincere – personal – took time to do things – always there to answer any questions, day or night!  You were the best Realtors we’ve ever had and we feel very fortunate to have had you as our agents!  Thanks so very much!”

Laura and Bob Smith
"…the personal attention; getting the house at a selling price; coordinating the sale, then the buying of my new home.  Thank you so much for handling all of that in a very professional manner!”

Joan Gaston
"…establishing rapport with the client; professional and friendly; listens well; excellent follow through; keen insight and gives good suggestions without getting personal.”

Lily Duey
"…valuable and useful advice based upon knowledge and experience.  Your help was critical to finding the right home at the right price within the time frame I required!”

Mike Carullo
"…keeping us informed in a timely manner about what was needed to quickly sell our home as well as buy our new one.  This kept all transactions running smoothly.”

Michael and Ann Pogue
"Sue Brazzel was the only RealtorÒ (of the many we looked at) who showed us,by her promptness and service, that she should have our business.  We felt we had a professional to guide us through the adventures of our first house. We recommend her every chance we get!”

Russell and Desiree Ackerman
"…your patience, personal service and very helpful knowledge.  You are great, Sue! Thank you for everything!”
Ann Libertini
"…your personal attention to details, your advice about the home inspection and loan, your help in trying to understand how a home is bought and your patience with me!  The best thing is your devotion to the customer!”
Rob Crawford
"You really work very hard and we feel so lucky to have found you.  We know that you are always in our corner and support us fully.  You keep us so well informed!!  We never have to wonder about what is happening. This has been and is a very difficult time for us but working with you has certainly made it much more endurable!  I think we may have committed suicide if we hadn’t found you!”
Terri and Pat Langan
" I can't tell you how much I appreciate all your help and supportthrough the sale and settlement process!  Your constant communication - andavailability at all hours - was very valuable to me.  I am so grateful foryour patience in answering the many questions I had.  And for listening andreassuring me when I got stressed and frustrated with the process....
I will definitely tell people how great you all are ... and how pleased I amwith the service you provided - and with a smile!" 
Nancy Liskey

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